TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The ITAPILine interface encapsulates a line device, make call also enumerate the call.

Property Description
Address Returns the enumerate collection interface of ITAPIAddress.
AddressID Set the address identifier of the originating address.
BearerMode Set the bearer mode for the call.
CallParamFlags Specify a collection of Boolean call-setup parameters.
Calls Returns colloction the ITAPICall interface.
Caps Returns reference of the ILineCaps interface.
CommDevice Returns which COMM port this line is associated with
ConfCall Sets/Returns the conference call.
ConsultCall Sets/Returns the temporary consultation call.
DeviceID Returns the line device ID .
DeviceName Returns the name of line device.
DevStatus Returns reference of the IDevStatus interface.
ExtensionVersion Returns extension version number that was negotiated.
PlaybackFormat Returns the IWaveFormat interface of current playback format
Privilege Returns/set the privilege.
Phone Returns ITAPIPhone interface which relate to the line device.
PhoneID Returns the identification of phone which associates with this line.
Handle Returns the handle of line device, and it can be used to call the low level functions of TAPI2.0.
InitString Sets the initialise string of the modem device.
IsValid Return whether this line is valid.
LastRequestID Returns the identification of last asynchronous request operation.
MediaModes Set/return the media mode when open the line device.
Opened Indicate whether the device is opened.
RecordFormat Returns the IWaveFormat interface of current record format
RecordTimeOut sets/returns the time out value of recording. The recording will auto stop after it reach that value.


Methods Description
Close Closes the line device.
ConfigDlg Popup the system confiure dialog of the specified line device.
DevSpecific Access the device-specific functions.
DevSpecificFeature Access the device-specific features.
FindCall Obain the reference of ITAPICall according the specified call state.

Obain the reference of ITAPICall according the call handle.

MakeCall Places a call to the specified destination address.
Open Opens the line device, entitles the application to make calls on any address available on the line.
SwapHold Swaps the specified active call with the specified call on consultation hold.

Translates the specified address into another format.

TranslateDialog Displays an application-modal dialog box that allows the user to change the current location of a phone number about to be dialed, adjust location and calling card parameters, and see the effect.

See Also

ITAPICall Interface, IWaveFormat, ITAPIPhone