TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The TranslateDialog method displays an application-modal dialog box that allows the user to change the current location of a phone number about to be dialed, adjust location and calling card parameters, and see the effect.

Function TranslateDialog(hwndOwner As Long, 
sAddressIn As String) As Boolean


[in] A handle to a window to which the dialog box is to be attached. Can be a zero value to indicate that any window created during the function should have no owner window.
string containing a phone number that is used, in the lower portion of the dialog box, to show the effect of the user's changes on the location parameters. The number must be in canonical format; if noncanonical, the phone number portion of the dialog box is not displayed. This pointer can be left NULL, in which case the phone number portion of the dialog box is not displayed. If the lpszAddressIn parameter contains a subaddress or name field, or additional addresses separated from the first address by CR and LF characters, only the first address is used in the dialog box.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, return TRUE, otherwise return FALSE.



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