TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The IDevStatus interface enables an application query the specified open line device for its current status.

Properties Description
AvailableMediaModes indicates the media types that can be invoked on new calls created on this line device, when the LineFeatures member indicates that new calls are possible.
BatteryLevel returns the current battery level of the line device hardware.
DevSpecific returns the device-specific data.
DevStatusFlags returns the status flags indicate information such as whether the device is locked.
LineFeatures specifies the line-related API functions that are currently available on this line.
NumActiveCalls returns the number of calls on the line in call states other than idle, onhold, onholdpendingtransfer, and onholdpendingconference.
NumCallCompletions returns the number of outstanding call completion requests on the line.
NumOnHoldCalls returns the number of calls on the line in the onhold state.
NumOnHoldPendCalls returns the number of calls on the line in the onholdpendingtransfer or onholdpendingconference state.
NumOpens returns the number of active opens on the line device.
OpenMediaModes returns bit array that indicates for which media types the line device is currently open.
RingMode returns the current ring mode on the line device.
RoamMode returns the current roam mode of the line device.
SignalLevel returns the current signal level of the connection on the line.



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