TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The ITAPIPhone interface encapsulates a phone device, setting hookswitch devices, set the volume or gain value.

Just as the line device interface ITAPILine is an abstraction of a physical line device, the phone interface TTAPILine represents a device-independent abstraction of a telephone set. TAPI treats line and phone devices as devices that are independent of each other. In other words, you can use a phone (device) without using an associated line, and you can use a line (device) without using a phone.

Properties Description
DeviceID Returns the ID of current phone device.
DeviceName Returns the name of current phone device.
DevSpecific enables service providers to provide access to features not offered by other TAPI functions.
Set/returns the string to be displayed on the specified open phone device. (if supported)
Handle Returns the TAPI2.0 phone handle.
HandSetCaps Returns the handset capabilities.
HandSetGain Sets/returns the phone handset microphone gain.
HandSetMode Sets/returns the phone handset device mode.
HandSetModeCaps Returns the capabilities of handset 's hookswitch device.
HandSetVolume Sets/returns the phone handset earphone volume.
HeadSetCaps Returns the headset capabilities.
HeadSetGain Sets/returns the phone headset microphone gain.
HeadSetMode Sets/returns the phone headset device mode.
HeadSetModeCaps Returns the capabilities of headset 's hookswitch device.
HeadSetVolume Sets/returns the phone handset earphone volume.
IsOpen Returns state(Open or close) of the phone.
IsValid Return whether this phone is valid.
OpenPrivilege Returns/Sets the privilege options of the specified phone device.
PhoneDevices Returns the supported phone devices.
SpeakerCaps Returns the speaker capabilities.
SpeakerGain Sets/returns the phone speaker microphone gain.
SpeakerMode Sets/returns the phone speaker device mode.
SpeakerModeCaps Returns the capabilities of speaker 's hookswitch device.
SpeakerVolume Sets/returns the phone speaker earphone volume.


Methods Description
Open Open the specified phone device
Close Close the specified phone device



Hookswitch Devices
A phone device can have multiple hookswitch devices. A hookswitch is the switch that connects or disconnects a device from the phone line. On a telephone, for example, this is the switch that is automatically activated when a user lifts the receiver from the cradle to get a new dial tone.

TAPI defines three types of hookswitch devices for a phone: handset, speakerphone, and headset. Each hookswitch device has a speaker and a microphone component, and operates in one of four hookswitch modes:
OnHook The hookswitch device is onhook, and both its microphone and speaker are disabled.
Microphone only The hookswitch device is offhook, its microphone is enabled, and its speaker is mute.
Speaker only
The hookswitch device is offhook, its microphone is mute, and its speaker is enabled.
Microphone and speaker The hookswitch device is offhook, and both microphone and speaker are enabled.

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