TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The DevSpecificFeature method access the device-specific features.

Function DevSpecificFeature(
Feature As PHONEBUTTONFUNCTION, Param as Variant) As Boolean


The feature to invoke on the line device. This parameter uses the PHONEBUTTONFUNCTION_ Constants .
Data block which want to send to the service provider. It can be String or bytes array.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, return TRUE, otherwise return FALSE.


This operation is part of the Extended Telephony services. It provides access to a device-specific feature without defining its meaning. This operation is only available if the application has successfully negotiated a device-specific extension version.

This function provides the application with phone feature-button emulation capabilities. When an application invokes this operation, it specifies the equivalent of a button-press event. This method of invoking features is device dependent, as TAPI does not define their meaning. Typically, an application that relies on these device-specific extensions does not work with other service provider environments.

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