TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


Property MediaModes As LINEMEDIAMODE
Read/Write: Read and Write


Returns/Sets the media mode.
Constant Value Description
MEDIAMODE_DATAMODEM 16 A data modem session on the call. Current modem protocols require the called station to initiate the handshake. For an incoming data modem call, the application can typically make no positive detection. How the service provider makes this determination is its choice. For example, a period of silence just after answering an incoming call can be used as a heuristic to decide that this might be a data modem call.



4 Voice energy was detected on the call, and the call is handled as an interactive voice call with humans on both ends.
MEDIAMODE_AUTOMATEDVOICE 8 Voice energy was detected on the call, and the voice is locally handled by an automated application such as with an answering machine application. When a service provider cannot distinguish between interactive and automated voice on an incoming call, it will report the call as interactive voice.


Set this property before Open the line.

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