TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The SetupTransfer() initiates a transfer of the call. It establishes a consultation call on which the party can be dialed that can become the destination of the transfer.

function SetupTransfer As BOOLEAN



Return Values

If the method succeeds, the return TRUE, otherwise return FALSE. Use ErrCode property to get the error code if return FALSE.


Use ITAPILine.ConsultCall property obtain the instance of TAPICall interface which identifying the temporary consultation call.
When setting up a call for transfer, a consultation call is automatically allocated that enables Dial to dial the address associated with the new transfer destination of the call. The originating party can carry on a conversation over this consultation call prior to completing the transfer. The call state of consultation call is not applicable.

This transfer procedure may not be valid for some line devices. The application may need to ignore the new consultation call and unhold an existing held call (using Unhold) to identify the destination of the transfer. On switches that support cross-address call transfer, the consultation call can exist on a different address than the call to be transferred. It may also be necessary that the consultation call be set up as an entirely new call, by MakeCall, to the destination of the transfer. Which forms of transfer are available are specified in the call's address capabilities.

The SetupTransfer method sets up the transfer of the call . The setup phase of a transfer establishes a consultation call that enables the application to send the address of the destination (the party to be transferred to) to the switch, while the call to be transferred is kept on hold. This new call is referred to as a consultation call and can be dropped or otherwise manipulated independently of the original call.

When the consultation call has reached the dialtone call state, the application can proceed transferring the call either by dialing the destination address and tracking its progress, or by unholding an existing call. The transfer of the original call to the selected destination is completed using lineCompleteTransfer.

While the consultation call exists, the original call typically transitions to the onholdPendingTransfer state. The application may be able to toggle between the consultation call and the original call by using SwapHold. A consultation call can be canceled by invoking lineDrop on it. After dropping a consultation call, the original call typically transitions back to the connected state. If the call state of the original call is onHoldPendingTransfer, the Unhold function can be used to recover the call. In this case, the call state of the consultation call is set to idle.

The application can also transfer calls in a single step, without having to deal with the intervening consultation call, by using BlindTransfer.

See Also

Dial, MakeCall, CompleteTransfer, UnHold, SwapHold