TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The CompleteTransfer method completes the transfer this call to the party connected in the consultation call.

Function Object.CompleteTransfer([TransferMode As TRANSFERMODE = TRANSFERMODE_TRANSFER]) 
As Boolean


Specifies how the initiated transfer request is to be resolved. This parameter uses one of the TRANSFERMODE_ Constants
TRANSFERMODE_CONFERENCE The transfer is resolved by establishing a three-way conference between the application, the party connected to the initial call, and the party connected to the consultation call. A conference call is created when this option is selected. TRANSFERMODE_TRANSFER The transfer is resolved by transferring the initial call to the consultation call. Both calls will become idle to the application.

Return Values

If the function succeeds, the return TRUE, otherwise return FALSE. Use ErrCode property to get the error code if return FALSE.


This operation completes the transfer of the original call. The consultation call is typically dialed on the consultation call allocated as part of SetupTransfer, but it can be any call to which the switch is capable of transferring Call.

The transfer request can be resolved either as a transfer or as a three-way conference call. When resolved as a transfer. The parties connected by current Call and ConsultCall are connected to each other, and both current Call and ConsultCall are typically cleared from the application's line and transition to the idle state. The application's call handle remains valid after the transfer has completed. The application must deallocate its handle with DeallocateCall when it is no longer interested in the transferred call.

When resolved as a conference, all three parties enter into a conference call. Both existing call handles remain valid but transition to the conferenced state. A conference call handle is created and returned, and it transitions to the connected state.

If ConfRelatedCalls is called immediately after CompleteTransfer with the result that the calls are conferenced, GetConfRelatedCalls may not return a complete list of related calls. This is because TAPI waits to receive a OnCallStateChange event indicating that the call has entered CALLSTATE_CONFERENCED before it considers the call to actually be part of the conference. That is, it waits for the service provider to confirm the conferenced state. After the application has received the OnCallStateChange event, ConfRelatedCalls returns complete information.

It can also be possible to perform a blind transfer of a call using BlindTransfer.


See Also

SetupTransfer, DeallocateCall , BlindTransfer ,ConfRelatedCalls