TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6

GatherDigits Method

The GatherDigits method gathering of digits on the specified call.

Function GatherDigits(NumDigits As Long,
  [TerminationDigits As String] 
 As Boolean


The number of digits to be collected. If NumDigits is 0 , the digit gathering currently in progress on the call is terminated (the same as CancelGatherDigits() method) .
Specifies a string of termination digits as text characters. If one of the digits in the string is detected, that termination digit is appended to , digit collection is terminated, and the OnGatherDigitsTerminated will be fired.
The digit mode(s) to be monitored.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, return TRUE, otherwise return FALSE.


Digit collection is terminated when the requested number of digits has been collected. It is also terminated when one of the digits detected matches a digit in TerminationDigits before the specified number of digits has been collected. The detected termination digit will in the parameter of OnGatherDigitsTerminated event.

Use CancelGatherDigits() method to terminate the digit gathering currently in progress on the call.

Another way of canceling digit collection occurs when one of the timeouts expires. The FirstDigitTimeout expires if the first digit is not received in this time period. The InterDigitTimeout expires if the second, third, (and so forth) digit is not received within that time period from the previously detected digit, and a partial digits are returned.

GatherDigits implements in the hardware level. It is device-dependent and it only supports in a few voice boards. If users find GatherDigits not working in their devices, please use GatherDigitsEx instead.

See Also

InterDigitTimeout , FirstDigitTimeout , OnGatherDigitsTerminated, GatherDigitsEx