TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The RegReqMakeCallRecipient method registers the invoking application as a recipient of requests for tapiRequestMakeCall from other applications. It allow your dialer application to receive make call requests from applications using assisted telephony (tapiRequestMakeCall)

Function RegReqMakeCallRecipient([Enable As Boolean = True]) 
As Boolean


If TRUE, the application registers the request; if FALSE, the application deregisters for the request modes.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, return TRUE, otherwise return FALSE.


A telephony-enabled application can request that a call be placed on its behalf by invoking tapiRequestMakeCall. Additionally, other applications can request that information be logged with a given call.
The tapiRequestMakeCall requests are queued by TAPI, and the highest priority application that has registered to handle the request is sent a OnRequestMakeCall() message with an indication of the request that is pending. This application is typically the user's call-control application.

See Also

OnRequestMakeCall, tapiRequestMakeCall