TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The Record method record the wave from the telephone line terminal to file or wave/in Redirection. [asynchronous]

Function Record(
FileName As String
) As Boolean


[in] the file path and name.

It can also be a combination specific string represent wave/in Redirection.
Redirection String Meaning
MONITOR:SIGNAL Monitor the tone signal on the phone. It works with IWaveAnalysis. (For how to use it, please read the "Custom phone signals detection" demo for VB or Delphi)
MONITOR:TONES Monitor the custom tone signal on the phone. Use MonitorTonesEx_Add to add tone entry before monitoring.
MONITOR:DTMF Monitor the DTMF keys by software. Event OnDTMF will be fired if it is detected. (This feature available in version 3.3.8 or higher)
MONITOR:MF Monitor the MF Signals (CCITT R1) by software. Event OnDTMF will be fired if it is detected.
ACCESS:WAVEINBUFFER Users want to access the wave in buffer. It means that users can receive the RAW PCM wave buffer data from the wave/out device. OnWaveInBuffer will be fired when it get the data. (For how to use it, please read the "Access wave/in buffer" demo for VB or Delphi)
TTY:RECV Monitor/decode the TTY signal . (For detail about it, please read the "TTY/TDD Send/Receive " Demo.

If one more specific string, please uses character "|" to separate them.

	.Record("Message.wav | MONITOR:SIGNAL")         ' while monitor the phone signal  record to the wave file  'message.wav'    signal 
	.Record("Message.wav | ACCESS:WAVEINBUFFER")             ' Record to the wave file  'message.wav'  and report the wave/in buffer
	.Record("MONITOR:SIGNAL | ACCESS:WAVEINBUFFER" )     ' Monitor the phone signal and report the wave/in buffer
	.Record("MONITOR:DTMF")     ' Decode the DTMF by sofware

Return Values

If the method succeeds, return TRUE. If the function fails, the return value is FALSE.
The application will receive the OnError() event. To get extended error information, using ErrCode or ErrString property, or just get it from OnError parameter.

this can be one or more of the following values.

Attribute Meaning
ERR_CANNOTRECORD Can not Record wave.
ERR_NOTCONNECTED Call not connected, this method can not perform.
ERR_PLAYBACKBUSY Terminal is busy, Playing!
ERR_RECORDBUSY Terminal is busy, Recording!


Since most of the voice modem is half duplex and it only have one terminal, either play or record has to be selected at a time.

In the unregisted copy, the recording is restricted within 30 seconds only.

See Also

OnRecordComplete , PlaybackFile