TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


Property PassthroughMode As Boolean
Read/Write: Read and Write


Sets property PassthroughMode true switchs into the Passthrough mode, Sets property PassthroughMode false switchs out of the Passthrough mode.


When a call is active in Passthrough mode, the service provider gives direct access to the attached hardware for control by the application. Applications can use this mode for temporary direct control over asynchronous modems, accessed through the Passthrough_Write or Passthrough_Read methods, for the purpose of configuring or using special features not otherwise supported by the service provider, such as facsimile (Class 1, 2, and so on). This bearer mode is supported by the Universal Modem Driver (UNIMODEM) service provider.

[Note:From our experience, we can not get fully control of the modems after it switch out of Passthrough. This is because the modem does not know what you have done while in Passthrough, and what callstate any calls may be in. For instance, you may have dialed a call, and the modem/TAPI won't know about it. ]

See Also

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