TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The OnPhoneDynamicRemove event sent to inform an application of the removal (deletion from the system) of a Phone device. Generally, this is not used for temporary removals, such as extraction of PCMCIA devices, but only for permanent removals in which the device would no longer be reported by the service provider if TAPI were reinitialized.

Event OnPhoneDynamicRemove(
m_Phone As TAPIPhone)


The instance of the Phone device which removed from the system.


After a device has been removed, it will be marked as invalid (ITAPIPhone.IsValid property), any attempt to access the device by its device identifier results in a PhoneERR_NODEVICE error. After all TAPI applications have shutdown so that TAPI can restart, and when TAPI is reinitialized, the removed device no longer occupies a device identifier.


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