TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The ISpeak interface enables an application to perform text synthesis operations.

To add the Text-to-Speech feature to your TAPI application, all you need to do is call the ITAPICall.ISpeak.Speak method.

Properties Description
InternalTTSInterface returns the internal reference interface of SAPI TTS module.
TextIsXML Indicates that the input text will not be parsed for XML markup.


Methods Description
Speak Speaks the contents of a text string asynchronously.
SpeakStop Stops the speech operation asynchronously.


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ISpeak is compatible with Microsoft SAPI 4.0 or SAPI 5.1. [SAPI (Speech API) is the Microsoft standard interface for Speech Recognition (SR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines. ]

  • For SAPI 4.0, If your system have no SAPI 4.0 installed, please download the program from the Microsoft SAPI download page or from our web site download page.
  • For SAPI 5.1, which is the version shipped with Windows XP. Users of other Windows versions will need to install SAPI 5.1 first. SAPI 5.1 is available free of charge from the Microsoft web site. http://www.microsoft.com/speech/download/sdk51/

    You also need to have a TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine installed on your computer. A number of these engines are available from different vendors. Microsoft, for example, offers a freely redistributable TTS engine at Microsoft web site.