TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


The ILocationInfo interface is used to get information related to the location of the calling party. This is the location information that is entered by using the Telephony applet under the Control Panel.

The ILocationInfo interface is a COM wrapper for the TAPI 2.x LINELOCATIONENTRY structure. Use TAPIExCtl.locations property get a pointer to IEnumLocation.

Properties Description
CancelCallWaitingCode returns the dial digits and modifier characters required to cancel call waiting.
CityCode returns the code for city or area.
CountryCode returns the country code
CountryID returns the identifier for country/region.
LocalAccessCode returns the local access code.
LocationName returns the location name.
LongDistanceAccessCode returns the code to access long distance.
Options returns the indicator of whether the current location supports pulse or tone dialing.
PermanentLocationID returns the permanent location identifier.
PreferredCardID returns the preferred calling card identifier.
TollPrefixList returns toll prefix list.


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