TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.6


Property CallOrigin
 As Boolean
Read/Write: Read only


Identifies where the call originated. It can be one of the
Constant Description
CALLORIGIN_CONFERENCE The call handle is for a conference call, that is, it is the application's connection to the conference bridge in the switch.
CALLORIGIN_EXTERNAL The call originated as an incoming call on an external line.
CALLORIGIN_INBOUND The call originated as an incoming call, but the service provider is unable to determine whether it came from another station on the same switch or from an external line. Service providers can use this constant only when TAPI version 1.4 or later has been negotiated. Otherwise, the service provider can substitute CALLORIGIN_UNAVAIL.
CALLORIGIN_INTERNAL The call originated as an incoming call at a station internal to the same switching environment.
CALLORIGIN_OUTBOUND The call originated from this station as an outgoing call.
CALLORIGIN_UNAVAIL The call origin is not available and will never become known for this call.
CALLORIGIN_UNKNOWN The call origin is currently unknown but may become known later.



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