If I want manage 2 line how I can do ( I Know that can run 2 instance of the app,but I don't like it) ?

About Multi-lines programing, you can read the "Answering Machine" demo carefullly, it is a simple but a good example of handle multi-lines.
Actually, our component version 2.0 is design for Multi-lines, you can find you can handle Multi-lines very easily.
Following is some tips about Multi-lines programming using TAPIEx 2.0

  • Enumerate all the line devices through TAPIEx.lines
  • All the event which relating the Call, the first parameter is "m_Call As ITAPICall" which is the instance of the very call object. for example:
    Event OnRing(m_Call As TAPICall, RingCount As Long)
    when you get OnRing event , you can call m_Call.Answer() to answer the very call.
  • You can ITAPILine.Calls to enumerate all the calls relating that line. GetCallFromHandle(), FindCall() methods can help you find the call instance very easily.
    You can get the detail methods information in our help documents.