I installed TAPIEx in C++ Builder 5 as the component, but when i try to run the demo , it raise the "Access Violation" error ! why ?

C++Builder 5 has bugs in "import the ActiveX Control", and you need to modify the "TAPIEXLib_OCX.h" header file which is generated by BCB5 manually.

How to install TAPIEx ActiveX control in C++Builder 5

1. Run C++Builder 5
2. Select Menu "Component" -> "Import ActiveX Control"
3. In the Type Library List choose "TAPIEx ActiveX Control v3.0 (Version 1.0)"
4. Click "Create Unit"
5. You need to modify the "TAPIEXLib_OCX.h" manually for C++Builder 5 has bugs in "import the ActiveX Control".
A. Open "TAPIEXLib_OCX.h"
B. Replace all the string "ITAPICallPtr m_Call" with "ITAPICall* m_Call"

6. Click Menu, "Component"->"Install Component", install the generateed file "TAPIEXLib_OCX.cpp" as a component.