Virtual Wave Driver v1.0


The WriteStream method sends raw audio stream to the VWD.

Function WriteStream(Data as variant) As Long


The variant (VT_U1 | VT_ARRAY) that contain the byte array.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, return the size in bytes of the received data, otherwise return -1.


This property can be read within the event of OnStreamDataRequest only.

Code sample:

Private Sub VirtualDest_OnStreamDataRequest(ByVal cbSize As Long, ByVal pDataAddr As Long)
 Dim var() As Byte
 ReDim var(cbSize)
 ' process the buffer (fill it with your data)
 Dim iwritten As Long
 written = VirtualDest.WriteStream(var)
 Debug.Print "cbSize=" & cbSize & "  written=" & written
End Sub

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